TDLC Sensor

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  • Rapid on-line inspection: up to 1.52 m/sec (300 ft/min) maximum
  • Available with low profile belts for small container inspection (T550 compression only)
  • Available with single or dual sensors
  • User Interface Required: Can be used with the T550 or Pro Series user interface

Leak Inspection from the Top

TapTone’s TDLC sensor is designed to measure pressure on foil and film sealed containers from the top of the container instead of the sides. This patented sensor achieves a more sensitive measurement than traditional testing methods.

The TDLC sensor can be configured on a Compression with standard or low profile belts or Dual Sensor Compression system with standard belts only.

A User Interface is required for operation of the TDLC sensor. The TDLC sensor is compatible with the T550 and PRO Series user interfaces.

Operating Speed up to 1.52 m/sec (300 ft/min) maximum
Conveyor Height

Dual Sensor:  91.4 cm – 132 cm (36 – 52 in) ; with optional leg extensions: 121.9 – 162.5 cm (48 – 64 in)

Single Sensor: up to 2.18m (86 in) (based on 0.076m or 3 in container)

Belt Opening

Dual Sensor: 159 mm (6.25 in) maximum

Single Sensor: 117.8 mm (7 in) maximum

Shaft Encoder Stainless steel
AC Line Voltage 230 VAC, 1 phase
Reject Outputs 2
Altitude Sea level to 3,035m (10,000 feet)
Material (Dual Sensor)

Transport Deck: Stainless steel

Frame Material: Stainless steel  

Wash Down:  Low-pressure water

Material (Single Sensor)

Transport Deck Material: Aluminum hard coat

Frame material finish: Stainless Steel 

Wash Down: Low-pressure water​

Leak detection in film and foil sealed containers