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The Semi-Automated SEAMscan-XTS is the non-destructive solution for double seam inspection. The gauge performs both cross sectional measurements and a 360° tightness scan.

Measures: Seam Height, Body Hook, Cover Hook, Overlap, Seam Gap, % Body Hook Butting, % Wrinkle Rating (% Tightness)


  • Faster and Safer
  • No product spoilage
  • Proven, Patented
  • 360° Tightness Scan
  • Operator Independent
  • World Class R&R


  • Automatic Door with Inspection Window
  • Automatic Wrinkle Identification and % Calculation
  • Automatic Weld-Seam Exclusion
  • Automatic Dimple Detection
  • Automatic Tab Detection
  • Excellent X-Ray- Shielding: (TÜV Rheinland tested to < 0.1 mSv per year)
  • Easy to use calibration/verification mode (with calibration piece)
Maximum Size: 603 (153 mm), 0.5 in (12mm) Height
Minimum Size: 109 (40 mm), 9.5in (240mm) Height
Electrical Required: 100-240VAC, 50/60 Hz
Measurement Units: Inch, mm, %
Output Interface: Ethernet Computer Interface
ASCII Text Files
SQL Database Interface
Languages: English, German, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese
 760 mm x 850 mm x 650 mm
(30 in x 33 in x 26 in)

Virtual Seam±: 0.0001 in (0.00254 mm)
Virtual Seam Teardown (Wrinkle Tightness): ±1% 

Virtual Seam±: 0.0005 in (0.01 mm)
Virtual Teardown± (Wrinkle Tightness): 5%
Product Spec Sheet:
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