Proximity Sensor

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  • Non-contact inspection
  • Up to 2000 containers per minute
  • Floor and conveyor mount options
  • Can be added to an existing TapTone system
  • User Interface Required: Can be used with a T550 or PRO Series interface​

Proximity Technology

Proximity technology measures pressure or vacuum in containers with metal closures by measuring the lid deflection. The sensor produces a continuous magnetic field that monitors the distance between the sensor and the metal lid. The continuous signal is digitally sampled to produce a merit value of the lid profile. The profile value is then compared to user set limits. Containers with lid deflection outside these limits are rejected.

Available with conveyor mount or on an adjustable, floor mounted RTV pole.

This sensor requires a User Interface for operation. The proximity sensor is compatible with the T550 and PRO Series user interfaces.

    Operating Speed Up to 2,000 containers per minute
    AC Line Voltage 12 VDC supplied by user interface
    Material Stainless steel, N​EMA 4X, IP65

    Wash Down:  Low-pressure water

    Mounting Conveyor mount or RTV pole​

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