Processing – Grinders, Mixers, Vacuum Tumblers & Stuffers, Smokehouses, Injectors, and More

Food Manufacturing
We offer an extensive line of processing equipment including Cliptechnick clipping machines, brine mixing stations, vacuum tumblers and pickle injectors from Inject Star; Thompson mixers, grinders, frozen block flakers, column lifts, and augers; Fatosa bowl cutters and mixers; Frey vacuum stuffers, portioners and link hanging lines; UltraSource Grand Prize III SmokeHouse and piston stuffers; Mauting UKM Classic and UKM Junior smokehouses; Mauting drying and fermentation chambers, Maja derinders, skinners, and flake ice machines; Foodlogistik slicers and dicers; Protoge Patty-O-Matic patty formers, and much more. Our processing equipment experts can guide you on how to optimally equip your production environment and help you achieve maximum yields and product quality.