PAX-3153 Axial Load/Panel Tester

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 The Semi-Automated Axial Load / Panel Tester is a combination unit for the safe and accurate testing of axial load and implosion (paneling) for 3-piece cans.

Measures: Axial Load, Panel Strength



  • Saves Time:
    • Multiple Tests in One unit – Easily switch between tests with touch of button
    • Utilizes Quick-Fill: Pressure rapidly increases to set threshold, then fill rate reduces to maximize accuracy
    • Automatic Data Transfer
  • Increased Accuracy:
    • Automated testing process eliminates operator error
  • No Change Parts Required



Multiple Safety Features:

  • Pressure chamber independently tested and certified
  • System initiates only when door latch is secure, and will not open while chamber is pressurized
  • Windows on the sides of the pressure chamber allow the operator to see the implosion process
Maximum Size:  Max Height: 280mm (11 in) Max Diameter: 153mm (603 in)
Range: Axial Load: 10.000 N with overload protection
Panel: Max Pressure: 45 psi (bar)
Electrical Required: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Air Pressure Required: 90 psi (6 bar) min
Measurement Units:
Panel: bar, kPa, psi
Axial Load: N, kg, lbs
Output Interface:
RS232 Computer Interface
English, German, French, Chinese
Dimensions: 607 mm x 708 mm x 887 mm
(24 in x 28 in x 35 in)
Resolution: Pressure: 0,01bar (0,15psi)
Force: 1,0 N
Product Spec Sheet:  Download Spec Sheet