HD Ram Rejector

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  • ​Rugged all welded stainless steel watershed encl​osure
  • Three different reject pad desi​gns for cans, glass or large jugs
  • Operating speeds to 2,000 container per minute
  • Large container displacement at high speeds
  • High speed, oil-free cylinder design with bumpers

The new TapTone Heavy Duty (HD) rejector provides reliable rejection of up to 2000 containers per minute and is available with a fixed stroke length of 0.5 in, 1.0 in or 3 in (1.2 cm, 2.5 cm or 7.6 cm). Designed for tight production spaces, these systems can be conveyor or floor mounted, and withstand water wash down.​

The HD Ram Rejector is the first in a new line of rejectors featuring an oil free cylinder design with a NEMA 4X IP65 environmental rating.  The rejector is actuated by a 24 volt reject pulse supplied by any of TapTone’s inspection system or third party systems.   

Some of the additional design enhancements incorporated into the new HD Ram rejector include a heavier duty base plate and cover resulting in reduced vibration with additional soundproofing for quieter operation. The new design also incorporates a non-rotating cylinder for longer life and increased cycle counts, without the need for lubrication. 

Power Requirement

24 VDC, 0.7 Amps, 17 Watts, pulse 12 to 20

milliseconds based on stroke length

Environmental Rating NEMA 4X, IP65
Operating Conditions

Stable Ambient Temperature: 0º – 50º C (32º to 122º F)

Relative Humidity: 0 – 90%, non-condensing

Altitude: Sea level to 3,035 m (10,000 feet)


Box: 304 Stainless steel enclosure, high pressure wash-down

Size: 18.09 cm height 9.20 cm width x 27.94 cm depth (7.125 in x 3.625 in x 11.0 in)

Cylinder Stroke

½” (12.7mm) Short Stroke

1″ (25.4mm) Medium Stroke

3″ (76.2mm) Long Stroke

Reject Pad

Stainless steel frame molded in black hard

urethane rubber

Air Regulator Assembly ​Filter/Regulator with lockout port
Maximum Line-in Pressure
150psi (11 bar)
Operating Pressure
60-80psi (4.2 – 5.6 bars)

Defective product removal