FES-4000 Front End Station

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The Front End Station provides automated front end measurements on trimmed cans.

Measures: Trimmed Can Height, Dome Depth, Top & Mid Wall Thickness



  • Saves Time:
    • Automatic Can Rotation
    • Automatic Data Transfer
    • Multiple Measurements at one time
  • Increased Accuracy:
    • Automated Measurement
    • World Class R&R
  • No Change Parts for multiple heights and diameters



  • Exceptionally accurate: Wall Thickness Measurements have a resolution of 0.1 microns.
  • Provides a 360° scan of Wall Thickness
  • Automatically adjusts to pre-configured measurement positions along a wall of a can
  • Top Wall Height may be adjusted from 0 to 10mm
  • Wall Thickness data may be graphed on-screen
  • Can height, top-wall, mid-wall and bottom depth are measured automatically
  • Only one Calibration Master (Can Height + Bottom Depth) needed
Maximum Size: Can Height: 205mm (8 in)
Can Diameter 52 mm (202)
Minimum Size:

Can Height: 55mm (2.125 in)
Can Diameter: 84 mm (307)

Max Positions: 36
Range:  Top-Wall-Height: up to 10 mm (0.4in)
Mid-Wall-Height: 28 to 140 mm (1.125 – 5.5in)
Electrical Required: 24V-120/230VAC Power Adapter, 50-60Hz
Air Pressure Required: 5 bar (73 psi)
Measurement Units: In, mm
Output Interface: RS232
Languages: English, German, Spanish, Chinese, others available upon request
Dimensions: 260 x 200 x 120 cm
(102 x 79 x 48 in)
Resolution: Trimmed Can Height: 0.01 mm (0.0004 in), Dome Depth: 0.001 mm (0.00004 in)
Top Wall Thickness: 0,0001 mm (0,1 micron), Mid Wall Thickness: 0,0001 mm (0,1 micron)
Accuracy:  Trimmed Can Height: +/- 0,01 mm , Dome Depth: +/- 0,001 mm
Top Wall Thickness: +/-0,001 mm, Mid Wall Thickness: +/-0,001 mm
Product Spec Sheet:  Download Spec Sheet