ENR-8 8 Station Enamel Rater

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The 8 Station Enamel Rater for Porosity Testing connects to a variety of attachments allowing for rapid enamel testing of up to 8 cans, can ends, crowns, or twist-off caps.

Measures: Enamel Rating (or Porosity Value)



  • Saves Time:
    • Measures 8 ends in only 4 seconds
    • Highly Accurate and Repeatable measurement


  • Display shows Porosity Values, Max Value, Average Value and Out of Spec Readings
  • 4 different end diameters may be tested at one time with use of flexible inserts
  • Available as a 4 and 6 Station unit
Maximum Size: 73mm (300) (4-Holder Stations available for ends 83mm – 99mm)
Minimum Size: 48mm (113)
Max Positions: 8
Electrical Required: 120 / 230 VAC 50-60Hz
Measurement Units: mA
Output Interface: RS232
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish
Resolution: 0.01mA
Accuracy: 0.05mA
Product Spec Sheet:  Download Spec Sheet