EBT-2000 End Burst Tester

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The Semi-Automated, multi-diameter End Measurement Gauge provides automatic measurements for every characteristic of the can end.

Measures: Curl Diameter, Curl Height, Countersink Height, Curl Opening, Curl Width, Curl Length, Inside Curl Diameter, Chuck Fit and the option of First Bead Height.



  • Saves Time:
    • Automatic End Rotation
    • Automatic Data Transfer
    • Multiple Measurements at one time
  • Increased Accuracy:
    • Automated Measurement
    • World Class R&R
  • No Change Parts or Adjustment Necessary


  • Pictorial representation of end measurements shown on screen
  • Customizable test types including number of measurements per end and characteristics to be measured
  • Easy to use calibration/verification mode (with calibration piece)
Maximum Size: 99-153 (401-603)
Minimum Size: 120VAC 50-60 Hz
Max Positions: 20 positions around the end
(end rotated automatically)
Electrical Required: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz
Air Pressure Required: 90 psi (6 bar)
Measurement Units: Inch, mm
Output Interface: RS232
Languages: English, French, German
Dimensions: 590 mm x 515 mm x 245 mm
(23 in x 20 in x 10 in)
Resolution: Resolution: 0.001mm
Product Spec Sheet: Download Spec Sheet