Eagle Vision 360° Can Inspection

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The 360° Can Inspection is a highly accurate, reliable and proven Mix-Up Detection system for lithographed & labeled cans. The system integrates multiple functions in one system: • Barcode Reading • 2D Data Matrix Code Reading • Decoration Inspection




  • Barcode Reading (ladder + picket fence)
  • 2D Data Matrix Code Reading, including QR codes
  • Decoration Inspection (colour print quality,ghost prints (double prints), upside-down cans and damages)
  • Label positioning (optional)
  • Cap Inspection (optional)
  • Modular expandable with e.g. Empty Can Inspection (inside + flange)
  • Modular expandable with e.g. Code Reading of batch codes (top and down)



  • Automatic learning functionality
  • Short changeover time using product library
  • No mechanical adjustments needed
  • Proven standard system
  • Random product orientation
  • Simple installation in the line
  • Stainless steel hygienic frame, used in can filling lines and can making lines
  • Network connection
  • Remote access connection
  • Storage of statistics and pictures
  • Operator friendly interface
  • Easy maintenance because of no moving parts
Dimensions: Total shipment weight: 500 kg
L 1300 x W 1300 x H 1802 mm (dimensions of the footprint and standard height.)
Accuracy: Defect size ~2×2 – 3x3mm depending position on the can and type of defect. These are intended figures and based on optimal conditions.
Product Spec Sheet: Download Spec Sheet