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Sophisticated, stylish and versatile, the E2 Classic Electricity Monitor provides you the information you need to track and cut on your electricity bill. The monitor comes with a USB output that allows the user to download the recorded energy data from their monitor to their PC or MAC.

The monitor shows you electricity usage and cost in real-time usage. Wireless and portable, you can take it with you to walk around the house and observe the impact of switching things on and off.


Smart & Sleek

With its versatile design, E2 Classic Electricity Monitor will prove to be the right tool for the intrigued consumer, who is looking for more detailed information to cut down on the electricity bill.

Model efegy e2
Frequency 433 MHz
Transmission Time 10sec (default) / 15sec / 20sec
Sensor Voltage Range

110 – 400V

Measuring Content 50mA – 90A
Memory 256kb
>Multi-Currency €, £, $, cP, RKr
Multi-Tariff 4 Tarrifs
Display Power 3 x AAA alkaline batteries
Transmitter Power 3 x AAA alkaline batteries

How it Works

The sensor clips on the power supply cable (phase) we want to monitor and with its jackplug, connects to one of the available ports of the transmitter. The sensor inductively measures the current passing through the wire and transfers these information to the transmitter, which are then transmitted wirelessly to the energy monitor’s display for processing and viewing.

Easy installation in 4 steps

1. Locate your breaker panel feed cable and clip the CT sensor to the live wire of the feed cable. IMPORTANT: EFERGY RECOMMENDS THAT INSTALLATION IS CARRIED OUT BY A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN

2. Insert the 3 x AA batteries into the transmitters and then plug the CT sensor into the transmitters

3. Insert 3 x AAA batteries into the display, press and hold the link button until the 4 dashes flash on the screen. Then press once the link button on the transmitter to complete the pairing process.

4. Complete the desired settings of your monitor, e.g. time, date, voltage, currency etc and start watching how you consume electricity.

Display key features


  • Portable, compact design
  • USB port
  • View your average energy consumption
  • View instant power and cost
  • Historical data (day, week & month)
  • Tracks your carbon emissions
  • Led indication of peak tariff
  • Audio alert indication of power excess
  • Multi-tariff ready
  • Larger memory
  • Holds up to 24-month data
  • Multi-currency (€, £, $, cP, RKr)

Software key features

  • View your recorded data on your PC/MAC
  • View energy information through graphs and numbers
  • Print and save your energy data in Excel and PDF format
  • Compare different utility tariffs that could reduce your energy costs
  • Investigate your demand curves (per week day and per month)
  • Simulate the effect of moving from a single to dual tariff scheme and see the yearly benefits
  • Simulate what would happen if demand peaks were to shift to off-peak periods and see the yearly benefits
  • Find out ideas on energy saving plans
  • Add messages to individual energy records