Dual Sensor Compression – Twin Belt for Pouch Inspection

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  • Rapid on-line inspection of stand up pouches

  • Accurate leak detection as small as 0.006″ (0.152MM) (application dependent)

  • Auto-adjust twin belts for maximum sensitivity and gentle package handling

  • User Interface Required: Compatible only with the PRO Series user interfaces


Advanced Leak Inspection in Stand Up Pouches

The PRO Series Dual Sensor Compression Twin Belt (TB) sensor is specifically designed for pouch inspection. The patented technology is designed to identify and reject leaking pouch style containers caused by defects in the seams or fitment closure.


      • Belt Speed 25 – 350 feet/minute (7 – 106 meters/minute)
      • 1,500 containers/pouches per minute
      • maximum
      • Variable speed belts
      • 36″ to 76″ conveyor height
      • 230VAC or 460VAC Power​
      • 15psi pressure sensor calibration
      • NEMA 4X, IP65 Washdown,
      • 304 Stainless Steel​
Operating Speed ​up to 1500 Containers per minute
Conveyor Height

36″ to 76″ conveyor height adjustment

Container/Pouch Size range 4” (101mm) minimum container/pouch height
17” (432mm) maximum container/pouch height
5” (127mm) maximum container/pouch width
Shaft Encoder Stainless steel
AC Line Voltage 230 ​​​​VAC, 1 phase (standard) or 460 VAC, 3-phase (optional)
Reject Outputs Up to two Segment8 Soft Reject outputs per machine
Multiple Sensor Capability Integrates up to 4 primary inspection PRO Series sensors (Dual Compression, Proximity, Vision, X-ray)
Material and Control Enclosure

Wash Down:   Fully sealed to withstand wash down
Enclosure Environmental Rating:     Stainless Steel NEMA 4X IP65 rated
Human Interface:     12” Color touchscreen PC, IP 65 rated

Leak detection in plastic containers Leak detection in food/dairy cups Leak detection in hot filled plastic containers Leak detection in stand-up pouches Leak detection in blow/fill/seal vials Leak detection in single serve size trays and tubs