Dual Sensor Compression (DSC)​

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  • Rapid on-line inspection: up to 1.52 m/sec (300 ft/min) maximum
  • Accurate leak detection as small as 0.152 mm (0.006 in) (application and container dependent)
  • Available with a TDLC sensor for inspecting containers with foil or film seals
  • User Interface Required: Can be used with the PRO Series user interface

Advanced Leak Detection for Flexible Containers

Dual Sensor Compression Technology detects and rejects leaking and damaged flexible containers at production line speeds up to 1.52 m/sec (300 ft/min). The system is designed with dual parallel belts suspended over the customer’s existing conveying system. As the container passes through the system, the dual parallel belts apply force to the sidewall of the container. This action compresses the headspace of the container which allows a comparative measurement to be taken at both the infeed and the discharge of the system. Comparing readings on the same container at the infeed and discharge of the system eliminates the effects of typical product and container variations.

The TapTone Dual Sensor Compression (DSC) system is designed to inspect a wide variety of flexible containers for micro leaks. The design incorporates our patented dual sensor technology and high speed compression belts for improved accuracy and container handling. The system was designed for harsh environments. When combined with optional sensors, this system will also perform fill level inspection, cap inspection and label detection.

This system can be configured with TDLC sensors for containers with foil or film seals.

A User Interface is required for operation of the DSC sensor. The DSC sensor is compatible with the PRO Series user interface.​

    Operating Speed up to 1.52 m/sec (300 ft/min) maximum
    Conveyor Height

    Standard:  91.4 cm – 132 cm (36 – 52 in)

    With optional leg extensions: 121.9 – 162.5 cm (48 – 64 in)

    Belt Opening 159 mm (6.25 in) maximum
    Shaft Encoder Stainless steel
    AC Line Voltage 230 ​​​​VAC, 1 phase (standard) or 460 VAC, 3-phase (optional)
    Reject Outputs 2
    Altitude Sea level to 3,035m (10,000 feet)

    Transport Deck: Stainless steel

    Frame Material: Stainless steel

    Wash Down: Low-pressure water

    Leak detection in plastic containers Leak detection in food/dairy cups Leak detection in hot filled plastic containers Leak detection in stand-up pouches Leak detection in blow/fill/seal vials Leak detection in single serve size trays and tubs