Control Systems

Food Sterilizers

Surdry carefully selects all hardware and software from top class international brands to provide high quality components with spare parts and service close to our customers worldwide.

PLC control logic and HMI and computer software are designed by Surdry control experts to ensure the maximum level of process safety, reliability and repeatability. GMP, HACCP and FDA food safety guidelines and regulations are strictly followed.

The basic control system package allows fully automatic process operation with PLC and color touch screen HMI. A video recorder is connected to an independent temperature measuring instrument for independent reading and value cross check. As part of the basic package, Surdry includes a high accuracy and reliability electronic thermometer, battery operated for periodical external calibration.

This instrument is the “master thermometer” as the one against which the retort control temperature and the recorder temperature must be checked and calibrated. Designated in the USA as ATID (Alternative Temperature Indicating Device), it is approved by the FDA to replace dangerous mercury-in-glass thermometers.