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SI9600 Coating Thickness Gauge

The SI9600 Coating Thickness intended for measuring dry film weight of coating with internal/external application.

With it’s meticulous’ calibration system, the measurement of film weigh data is more precise leading to better control of lacquer consumption and more quality outputs/products.

IS9650 Hover Probe

SI9650 Hover Probe is used together with the SI9600 Coating thickness gauge to measure

Flat sheet’s varnish thickness, lacquer and coat

Coating thickness is easily measured just by simply pressing and releasing the button.

Coating Thickness Probes

Another kit that works together with the SI9600 are the Coating Thickness Probes.
These probes are used to measure coating thickness gauge. They are designed for various items such as flat sheets, formed cans, narrow tubes and aerosol.

IS-310 UV Logger

This compact size device accurately measures the overall UV energy in the Oven as well as  the power and energy for a reliable curing process.

It records separate data for each lamp so the maintenance of lamps are more convenient.

With IS310, the management of lamps  and reflectors are made more efficient due it’s free  PC data analysis software, the converts data into graphs.

SI9100 Semi-Automatic Enamel Rater

It measures the quality of coating of metal sheets, cans, tubes and ends. Because of it’s advanced test monitoring features, the errors in enamel rating is greatly reduced, providing only the best results.

IS9019TR & IS9020TMR Adapters For Ends, Caps And Sheets

This is used together with  SI9100 Semi Autotmatic Enamel Rater. It measures the coating porosity of ends, caps and sheets to steer clear of corrosion.

The updated  IS9020TMR is now made with TITANIUM, Interchangeable MAGNETIC  top plates and calibration verification resistors for a more accurate results.

IS9030 Foil Enamel Rater

As the name implies, IS9030 Foil Enamel Rater are intended to measure or test the coating porosity on Aluminum foil sheets.

IS9015 Can Stand for Enamel Rater

This is intended to measure the quality of lacquer in a vast variety of can shapes and sizes.