Belt Wash Features

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  • Two models available

  • Automatic programmed cleaning for T4000-DSC or T4000-FS/FSB belts

Two versions of our Belt Wash system are available:

Part Number: D-412-192-2 (T4000 DSC)

The belt wash system is designed to clean and dry the compression belts on the T4000-DSC. A nozzle at the outfeed of the system sprays the belts with water removing any loose product as the belt rotates along the backside of the system. A nozzle at t​he infeed end of the DSC blows air onto the belt removing excess water from the belts.

Part Number: D-412-229-3 (T4000 FS/FSB)

The belt wash system is designed to clean the belts on the T4000-FS or FSB (includes air purge to dry the photo beam sensor).​